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Tereena Lucas of Luca Jouel

Australian gemmologist Tereena Lucas is the brains and creativity behind brand to trust Luca Jouel. Tereena infuses her fascination for antiquity and nature into every design to create jewellery with a raw yet sophisticated beauty. 

We caught up with Tereena to find out about the inspiration behind her latest collection, Little Luca, and what jewellery in her own collection holds the most sentimental value. 




How would you describe Luca Jouel jewellery in three words?

Quality, ethical, in love with the details.


Do you have a particular woman in mind when designing your jewellery?

Yes and no. I pretty much design what I like, but in doing so I would say that the designs are intended for women that appreciate the details.

Differences in textures, symbolism behind the designs, quality craftsmanship and the ethics behind it all.

That type of woman could perhaps be said to follow her own path, be more interested in timeless style as opposed to following the latest trends, and care about what she purchases.


You’ve just launched the Little Luca collection – can you tell us a bit about this?

My Little Luca collection was inspired by beautiful, complex, strong, natural, ethical and absolute women, as well as Mother Nature herself.

There have been so many incredible women, both past and present, most of which haven’t received any sort of acclaim, and today this is still the case, despite greater media share.

I have always been passionate about gender equality and even the most recent world events continue to highlight the fact that there is still much work to be done to ensure gender parity and basic empathy between the sexes, which is essential for the good grace of us all. And so, Little Luca is a salute!

The pieces have been designed to reflect femininity and made in ethically sourced precious metals representative of their value and durability. Each piece is filled with meaning so they may serve as a small talisman, reminding women of their inherent beauty and worth.

Little Luca 
Labyrinth Necklaces

Little Luca
Zen Cercle Necklace

Little Luca
Lotus Black Diamond Bracelet

Little Luca
Cercle Earrings

Little Luca 
Gold Pallad Moth Necklace

Little Luca
Regina Hoop Earrings


What’s your favourite piece from this new range and why?

That is hard to answer, as I love so many of them. Perhaps if I give you a top five instead!

The Labyrinth and Zen Cercle necklaces especially for the intention behind them, the Lotus diamond bracelets because I love the gorgeous luxury detail it adds to one’s style without being over the top.

The Cercle and Regina earrings, because they are truly earrings to complement any woman’s personal style and can be worn all the time. 

Plus, the Gold Pallad Moth necklace with its little Art Deco nod and because I love the colour combination of the 18ct yellow gold, the black diamonds and the palladium chain.  Okay sorry, that’s a top six!


Where do you look for inspiration?

I would have to say that I particularly look for inspiration in nature, the non-earthly realms and history. I love lilies and lotuses, stars in the night sky, anything Russian and medieval.

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You’ve said before you’d like your jewellery to become heirlooms that are passed down through generations. Do you have a piece of jewellery that holds personal sentimental value? 

Well actually, two spring to mind. I have a little ring given to me by my mother that was made for her when she was a child. She always told me it was made from ‘aeroplane’ material and it was set with a little piece of mother-of-pearl.

I also have this gorgeous little round pendant in 18ct rose gold. On one side it is mother-of-pearl, then on the other side it is made of glass and you can see this cut-out metal butterfly on the inside. It was my Great Aunty Roma’s and I wear it on this beautiful old belcher chain, also made of 18ct rose gold.


Find out more about why Luca Jouel is a brand to trust by clicking the Butterfly Mark. 




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