Positive Luxury’s Product Review – AEOS

What a thrill it was when I came to my desk one morning to discover it full of AEOS skincare. What, for me? All this? You’re kidding right?! This is a brand that clearly hasn’t skimped on packaging – no plastic in sight, AEOS’s skincare is housed only in the weightiest and most luxurious of glass bottles. So you can imagine what an impressive vision the full range made. A bonafide beauty-geek, I was practically dizzy with glee unwrapping sleek bottle after sleek bottle.

Of course, while AEOS clearly has its aesthetics sorted, it’s the insides that count (as we at Positive Luxury are so fond of saying). Particularly for me, as I am cursed with combination, sensitive skin, prone to both spots and dry patches. Otherwise known as oh-lord-why-me skin. Thick moisturiser for my dry patches? Nope, that’ll clog my pores and give me a break out. Mattifying gel for shine? Not unless I want snakeskin on my face. Trying new products is a mixed barrel; I love new beauty discoveries, but I’m terrified of the mountain of trouble the wrong one could cause.

So, the fact that AEOS first and foremost didn’t turn my skin into a war zone is a fairly impressive feat. And after a month of usage it did even better than that. This skincare made my skin supple, smooth and, despite having bio-dynamic Spelt oil (grown in their own UK-based farm no less) as a main ingredient, these products feel feather light on my skin.

This lightness is because all AEOS products, from cleanser to serum to moisturiser, needs to be applied in miniscule amounts to damp skin. Not only is this very cost effective (AEOS is definitely not in bargain-bucket territory), it prevents your skin from feeling overloaded with product, which was a worry for me given the layering nature of AEOS’s routine.

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