Positive Week 2017: Brands that are Giving Back

Luca Jouel

Luca Jouel proudly supports the child welfare foundation ‘Australian Childhood’. They donate part of the proceeds from every purchase to help the Foundation in their efforts to safeguard children from the trauma of abuse, violence and neglect. Through their many programs, the Australian Childhood Foundation works tirelessly to help heal and advocate for the needs of vulnerable children, to promote and build stable and secure relationships for all children, and to engage people through education and their community empowerment initiatives. 


Ethical jewellery brand Luca Jouel supports the Australian Childhood Foundation. Image credit: Australian Childhood Foundation


Beulah London

Beulah’s mission is to become a global lifestyle luxury brand which has a long term, positive impact on society by providing an alternative, sustainable livelihood to victims of human trafficking. Having witnessed the harrowing effects of human trafficking when visiting Atulya, an aftercare home in the Delhi slums, founders Natasha and Lavinia felt compelled to take action. From this was born an idea of launching a luxury fashion label with a conscience, and with it, the Beulah Trust.

The Beulah Trust gives grants that pay for skill courses for women who have been victims of sex trafficking and abuse. These courses offer them the chance to find work, generate an income, and live a self-sufficient life, free from abuse. The Beulah Trust is at the heart of Beulah London and its aim is to make a real difference to the lives of women who have been trafficked. 


Photo credit: The Beulah Trust


Highland Partners

Highland Partners is dedicated to supporting their clients and the communities in which they live and do business. The agency focuses on building better communities through involvement and service. This entails agents annually volunteering with or donating to an organisation that is personally important to them. Through this community-oriented approach, Highland Partners provides support and volunteer hours to over fifty different programs, including local and international schools, hospitals and community agencies. 


The Highland Partners team at the Give Back Homes Oakland Build. Photo credit: Highland Partners



Lisa Franklin

Renowned London skincare guru Lisa Franklin is a proud supporter of the British Skin Foundation. Each finished bottle of Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Luminescent Base returned to the clinic is recycled, with £5 donated to the Foundation to help fund crucial research into skin cancer.


Photo credit: Lisa Franklin




Karmoie aims to create beautiful, uncompromising eyewear while also contributing in a committed and conscientious way towards a better future. For every pair of frames sold, a pair of corrective glasses is given to a person in need, via a partnership with multiple projects. In each project, a different local organisation takes responsibility to administer vision tests, and distribute the Eyejusters glasses. Every organisation running a project is also given guides, training instruction and testing materials along with the Eyejusters glasses to ensure this valuable service runs smoothly. 


Photo credit: Karmoie x Eyejusters




In keeping with Okapi’s ethos of creating trade not aid, Okapi has continually strived to collaborate with and support the grassroots craft groups in and around South Africa. For the 2016 collection these collaboration partners were ZenZulu and MonkeyBiz, both community projects creating sustainable jobs in and around the Cape Town area. 


Photo credit: Okapi’s Zenzulu keychains



LX Costa Rica

LX Costa Rica is more than just a real estate agency or luxury lifestyle company. They accept that they have a fundamental responsibility to give back to the community as a positive and productive force, both locally and globally. They work towards that goal through their impact on the community, including the clients that they serve, the LX team, the network of partners and the individuals and families that make up the social fabric around them.

Partnered with local and global non-profits, voulunteers and other individuals, they use their tech, expertise and media access to create a positive impact. The LX team contributes significant resources to help local charities and organisations to further the cause of sustainable development and poverty alleviation. 


Photo credit: LX Costa Rica


Pembe Club

Pembe Club hand-crafts limited-edition jewellery, designed specifically to make a difference in the preservation of endangered African wildlife, with a particular focus on countering the recent explosion of elephant poaching in East Africa. To combat the devastating effects of poaching, part of the proceeds from each sale is donated to various organisations chosen specifically for their work on the frontline. Tusk, tooth and horn are being plundered from Africa’s wildlife on a daily basis. By replicating these magnificent forms in exquisitely hand-carved and -cast designs, Pembe Club hopes to eventually completely remove the demand for them. One wearer at a time, each piece will carry its message across the world, building a community that no longer has a need for such cruel adornment.


Photo credit: Pembe Club



Restival’s manifesto is based on four pillars; nature, tribes, discovery and rejuvenation. Their mission is to provide an antidote to modern life whilst immersed in nature, alongside keeping the Navajo ancient wisdom alive through the STAR School (“Service To All Relations”). This is  an educational facility that teaches local children to provide for themselves, through growing and preparing their own farm.  



In 2004, the year that Hurricanes Ivan and Emily hit Grenada, Rococo worked with their good friends at the Grenada Chocolate Company to support them through this difficult time. Producing the ‘the Hurricane Emily’ chocolate bar, all proceeds went to Grenada Relief Fund, ‘Hearts And Hands’. Following this project, in 2007 Rococo teamed up with the Grenada Chocolate Company and purchased a small cocoa farm, affectionately called ‘Grococo’, to continue supporting the community and produce their own fairly traded, ethical chocolate. 


Photo credit: Rococo Chocolates




Vanashree Singh, the woman behind the brand VANA, has created an exclusive doorway to the soul of South African Luxury, and is passionate about supporting the sustainability of community-driven projects as part of their production process. VANA commissions Woza Moya, a community-based NGO assisting people with HIV to earn a living, to supply the brand’s beaded adornments and production of VANA dust bags. VANA believes in creating opportunity in education and also sponsors the education program at WEF (Wildlife Education Fund) which educates young children about the wildlife and the environment. 


Vana working with Woza Moya. Photo credit: Vana.




Vieri believes that responsible actions and luxury are interlinked. Every piece of jewellery created by Vieri is made with respect for people and the environment, and has the greatest impact on the well-being of the people that encounter the brand. VIERI solely uses ethically sourced gold for all creations and by establishing long-term partnerships with gold mines and producers, the company is able to guarantee complete transparency.

Vieri’s founder and owner Guya Merkle, created the Earthbeat Foundation in 2013. The foundation concentrates on a better future for gold mining communities working in small-scale mining all around the world. Its core objectives are awareness creation and small projects focusing on alternative income solutions for the mines, mostly in the form of social businesses. Thereby, it is crucial to that they work hand in hand with the communities to see what their ideas and needs are. At the moment VIERI are working with 80 miners on a honey business, who will become beekeepers harvesting their own honey. 



Virginia Stone

Virginia Stone partnered with the Mother Africa Trust, founded in 2006, as a way to give back to the people of Zimbabwe. Mother Africa supports education, conservation, and cultural exchange through funding, equipment and supply donations, and volunteer eco-tourism. Alongside, as a forward-thinking eco-ethical brand, Virginia Stone has joined forces with a community of like-minded conservationists and fairtrade activists, supporting environmental and social sustainability initiatives around the world. Incorporating a green philosophy, Virginia Stone contributes a portion of product sales to environmental rejuvenation projects, operates a sustainable lab, and offers plastic-free packaging to minimise waste, water, and energy consumption.


Photo credit: Virginia Stone



Wearing Memories

Wearing Memories created a collection that included butterfly pieces that were designed around the Cancer charity work owner Kiron does back in her home country of Australia. For every ten items sold through Wearing Memories, Kiron donates a clear day to Childhood Cancer Support, so carers (usually parents) who have an intense role in the ongoing treatment of their children can take a short 24-hour relaxing break away. 


Photo credit: Wearing Memories




Wildfitness have curated transformative physical courses in wild, stunning locations globally. Their aim is to reconnect clients to a primal, physical state of deep health and wellbeing. Where possible, Wildfitness source local produce to promote local food purchasing, as well as supporting the philanthropic cause- ‘Alladale and The European Nature Trust’, in which 7% of profits go towards TENT’s Scottish wildcat protection project. 


Photo credit: Wildfitness



Rachel Bates

Rachel Bates products are produced to the highest standards, always using the best quality materials, made by hand by incredibly skilled craftsmen and artisans. Both the launch of collections and brand edits are a reflection of Rachel’s own personality; vibrant and captivating. Alongside, Rachel Bates supports Smart Works Greater Manchester, a charity with a vision of bringing the dressing and interview coaching service to women in the region. 


Rachel Bates is a Smart Works Manchester ambassador. Photo credit: Smart Works Greater Manchester




More than 1.1 million people in America are living with HIV/AIDS, and 1 in 7 don’t know their status. From participating in New York City’s Pride Parade for more than 15 years to our yearly LifeRide benefit, Kiehl’s has been a strong supporter of finding a cure for HIV/AIDS for more than 20 years. The annual Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR is a week-long motorcycle ride across the country that raises awareness and funds for the cause. In conjunction with the event, a special edition Ultimate Strength Hand Salve puts the cure in the consumers hands- by purchasing it, they are directly giving back to the cause, and caring for their skin at the same time.



Cerimani believes in doing well by doing good. Every piece of jewellery, crafted with conflict-free gems and traceable precious metals, makes a conscious statement about supporting worldwide communities. Cerimani pledges to work closely with the Karen Hilltribes Trust to fund clean water pipeline projects for villages in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand. $50 spent on jewellery funds one villager’s water and sanitation for an entire year. Villagers benefit immensely from clean water. Children can spend their days in school instead of walking to gather and purify polluted river water. Less illness spreads as people drink cleaner water in more hygienic conditions and levels of typhoid can be reduced by up to 98%. By 2021, Cerimani hopes to have helped at least 10 villages, and further hopes to open the doors of their first vocational school to teach students how to make jewellery, and earn a sustainable income.

Positive Luxury Positive Week Cerimani

Photo credit: Cerimani

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