New Year, New You: Practical Ways to Enjoy a Positive 2018

Special Guest Post: Louise Webster, Founder of BeyondTheSchoolRun

I always say at the start of each year: this is going to be the best year yet. I know I mean it, but what I also know is things don’t just happen – we need to prepare, and plan to create what we want to see. We need to get clear on what it is in the first place that we want to create. So let’s do this together. Let’s prepare for the most positive year yet – 2018.


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Find your element

For me, everything started to become much clearer when I read a book called Finding your Element by Sir Ken Robinson, which explores the theory that we all have something in us – our ‘element’ or ‘spark’ – that once unlocked will lead us to our work and our purpose.

When I started to explore this, I found that the more I worked in my element, the more I felt energised and contented with my day when I connected with it. For me, this took the shape of developing a platform to empower mothers and going on to write a book.


Make it happen:

Start testing out your skills, volunteer, meet with people, see how it feels when you do things outside your current comfort zone. If you feel a spark, keep going and take note of how it feels.

Read, watch, and listen to any content you can lose yourself in. Become your own editor and disconnect from content that you find draining or disempowering.



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Enjoy fulfillment in your days

This means creating a great day every day that adds up to the greatest year. I remember when I started working from home, in the hours available to me as a mother of small children and having made a move outside London I needed to find a way to create a routine that made me feel like I had achieved what I needed each day, that I had used my time wisely.


Make it happen:

A friend once told me that a fulfilled day must include the following five elements, even in their smallest form: Exercise, Mindfulness, Learning, Giving, Community.

So, for me, this includes exercising early, five minutes’ meditation when I feel my energy needs lifting, watching a vlog for learning, and giving through offering a smile or a helping hand in the community. This structure makes all the difference to my day.



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Explore your flow

Exploring ‘flow’ is also incredibly beneficial. Finding our flow, can really help us work so much more efficiently and greater ease in the hours available.

Firstly it is important to find how it feels to work in your flow and then work towards connecting with it each day.


Make it happen:

Explore what gets you into your ‘flow’ whether that’s exercise, meditation and make it a priority in your day; keep connecting with it as much as possible to remind yourself how it feels.

Mornings are so important to the rest of your day so create a routine that keeps you strong and focused. We are all different so stay clear on what is right for you which may mean creating your own daily routine that is different to others around you.



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Be kind to yourself

Another key area is to take a moment to connect with our thoughts on a daily basis. What we feed ourselves in terms of thoughts, messages can impact so much. Take a moment each day: forgive and let go – we are not perfect but we are able to all grow.

Whatever you want to achieve for yourself this year, become clear on what it is. Take steps, focus on each day and each moment, and let’s walk one step at a time together into a positive 2018. Together we can make the greatest difference to our lives and the lives of others.


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