Fréolic London Q&A: Luxury Lingerie and French Lace

Award-winning lingerie brand Fréolic London uses only the finest materials sourced from France, England and Italy to create its beautiful designs. We spoke to founder Evgeniya Kharaim to find out more about this brand to trust.  


What inspired you to start Fréolic London?

I have always been fascinated by beautiful lingerie, but I never quite understood why brands are considered luxury because they have a high price tag, yet have mediocre manufacturing and material quality.

I wanted to rethink this with my own brand. At Fréolic London, we choose to spend money on the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship – these are the elements that matter to me and I believe matter most to my customers. We make sure that our customers get the luxurious products they deserve.


Sophia Set Freolic London Luxury Lingerie 3


What makes Fréolic London different from other lingerie brands?

Recently we opened an atelier in London where every garment is meticulously handmade-to-order by our artisans. Lingerie making, bras in particular, is a real craft. At least a decade of experience is needed to be able to make these pieces from start to finish efficiently and up to a luxury standard.

We value quality, not quantity. We use only the best, most natural, most expensive French lace and Italian crepe in combination with rose gold-plated elements.  Our direct-to-consumer business model allows us to offer an almost haute-couture experience at a reasonable price.

While at our showroom in London we take bespoke orders, including personalised hand-bead embroidery.


Where do you look for inspiration?

I am inspired by the style of influential women from different backgrounds: art, business, sportspeople, actresses, aristocracy. The beauty of the lace detailing and unusual colours also inspire my creativity.


Fréolic London
Grace Greige Plunge Bra

Fréolic London
Grace Greige Suspender

Fréolic London
Grace Greige G-String

Fréolic London
Sophia Brief

Fréolic London
Brigitte Gown

Fréolic London
Sophia Balconette Bra


Do you have a particular woman in mind when designing the pieces?

Fréolic London is the brand for someone who wants a sumptuous and glamourous experience. Someone who wants to wear beautiful, yet comfortable lingerie every day.

I would say she is a powerful woman, a big achiever, who always wants to look immaculate, without compromising on quality or comfort.

I aim for my lingerie to be sensual enough to be empowering, yet practical and comfortable enough to be worn outside of the bedroom too.


What is your favourite piece from the current collection?

I love our new peachy-pink marshmallow-coloured bra. We used super delicate French lace in combination with soft Italian crepe for a beautiful finish.

The bra also includes technical innovation with soft cotton pockets inside the cups enabling our signature microbead insert for a seductive cleavage. This feature is unusual for a semi-padded bra, the ultralight microbead pads make our bras almost weightless and super comfortable.


Grace Ivory Set Suspender


What’s next for Fréolic London?

Our new collection will include pieces made from 100% limited edition Liberty London silk. I’m excited about the quintessentially English feel this will bring to the Fréolic London brand.


What’s your top tip for women when buying new lingerie?

Treat yourself to lingerie made of exceptional lace. You will see and feel the difference!


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