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Designer Spotlight: Virginia Stone


In our fourth Designer Spotlight series in collaboration with Runway2Street, we highlight awarded brand to trust bespoke skincare brand Virginia Stone, find out more here;


Virginia Stone, founder of Virginia Stone skincare has revolutionised the way we see skin. No other skincare brand rivals with her bespoke eco-luxe formulas, as her innovative approach to skincare diagnostic is based on skin tone rather than skin type.  Based on the principle that every individual is one-of-a-kind, Virginia Stone believes your skincare should be too.



Offering three avant-garde bespoke collections, Virginia Stone has created ‘Kavesi’ for fair skin tones, ‘Jasari’ for medium skin tones and ‘Odaja’ for dark skin tones. The range focuses on creating luxe, natural skincare for all skin tones, housed in a custom-crafted stone packaging, staying true to Virginia’s innovative spirit and quest for green beauty. Inspired by the beauty of nature, sand, stone and water unite to create this exclusive piece of art.




The thermal stability of concrete allows for the stone Luxador to naturally protect the precious active ingredients, maintaining the stability of Virginia Stone’s rich creams whilst preventing UV damage that can compromise the potency of a skincare formula. Virginia believes a skincare formula is only as good as the quality of the ingredients used within.  Raw resins, roots, leaves, beans and clays are some of the go-to natural elements used, where the brand fuses science with nature harmoniously resulting in pure artistry.




Virginia Stone has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, in recognition of the brand’s commitment across all areas of sustainability. Positive Luxury connects brands and consumers that care, to inspire people to buy better and influence brands to do better. 

Virginia Stone’s continuous commitment towards developing formulas free of harmful chemicals, ensuring the recyclability of her packaging along with her efforts towards partnering with sustainably-minded suppliers and organisations have earned her the Butterfly Mark Award, working together towards a healthy future for the next generations. 


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