Seven Simple Tips to Help You Save Water

Preserving the world’s water supply remains of the world’s most pressing issues. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2030, four billion people will live in water-stressed areas. If we continue to use water at the same rate as we do today, global fresh water demand will exceed supply by over 40%. It’s a frightening thought, but if we start making changes now, together we can change the future.

In honour of World Water Week, here’s Positive Luxury’s no-fuss guide to helping cut down on water use;


1 – Love your clothes for longer. Many of us wash our clothes far more often than is needed. Freshen up your wardrobe in between washes with a naturally scented spray or a little spot cleaning to reduce wear to your clothes and the amount of water you use. Read our Top Ten Clothing Care Tips for more ideas.


2 – Turn it off. A simple one that can save litres of water every day. Turning off the shower while applying shampoo, or the tap while you’re brushing your teeth and you’ll instantly do your bit to conserve this precious resource.




3 – Invest in water-efficient products. When you’re next making a home upgrade, seek out water-efficient household products. Look out for aerated tap and showerheads that use less water without changing how it feels for you.


4 – Fill it up. Make sure dishwashers and washing machines are full before you turn them on to ensure you maximise the user of your water. Newer appliances should have energy and water efficient modes that help reduce usage too.


5 – Eat less meat. It’s relatively well known that a meat-based diet is more carbon intensive than a plant-based one, but did you know that meat production takes vast amounts of water too. Producing a kilo of beef requires 15,000 litres of water, compared to just 290 litres of water for a kilo of potatoes.




6 – Reuse grey water. Water that’s been used to handwash clothes or dishes may look dirty, but it can actually be reused to water your garden or indoor plants. You can even invest in greywater systems that transport water from your shower or household appliances to flushing toilets.  


7 – Collect rain water. Install a water butt to easily collect valuable rain water from your drainpipe system. It can’t be used for everything, but rainwater is ideal for watering plants, washing your car and cleaning windows.




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