Song Saa’s Climate Change Garden

Song Saa Resort Charity Program Koh Rong Cambodia

Over the next five years the Song Saa Foundation aims to increase the resilience of local communities to changing climates – this includes collaborating on a specially-designed garden that can withstand changing weather patterns.


Song Saa Resort Charity Program Koh Rong Cambodia


Changes in our global climate are already impacting many areas of the globe, including the Koh Rong archipelago, which is home to brand to trust Song Saa. The region now experiences an increased number of violent storms and longer periods of drought that are leading to the failure or destruction of many village gardens, which provide much needed food for the community.


Song Saa Resort Charity Program Koh Rong Cambodia

In response, the Song Saa Foundation is working with the community of Prek Svay – the largest village in the archipelago to create a garden that is designed around these changing weather patterns. The emphasis is on encouraging plants and growing techniques that manage the undesirable impacts of climate change.

The Foundation is working with local students and village elders to plan the planting and strategy of the garden. This collaborative approach will ensure it is viable and has longevity for the community. If successful, the garden will provide inspiration for the creation of similar plots throughout the archipelago.


Song Saa Resort Charity Program Koh Rong Cambodia


The garden is one of many amazing projects by the Song Saa Foundation to help protect the environment and invest in local communities.  Click or tap on the Butterfly Mark below to find out the other positive actions that make Song Saa a brand to trust;



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