The Style Love Q&A: Style Icons and Favourite Brands

Based in beautiful Athens, Xeni Kouveli is the fashion enthusiast behind The Style Love. The blog is a platform for Xeni to share her passion, creativity and personal style. We chatted to Xeni to find out how her love of fashion began and who inspires her.



How did your love of fashion begin?

Very young around 12, in my father’s village in the countryside in Greece during vacations, I used to buy fashion magazines while my friends would go play in the neighbourhood. My auntie taught me to sew. And then I made my first dress by my own hands! It felt amazing.


How would you describe your personal style?

A bit of mix and match and a touch of tomboy grunge. 

I think it creates a beautiful contradiction to combine a feminine piece with something ‘grunge’ or masculine in one outfit.

For instance, at the moment I love to wear flowery silk skirts with men’s tees and heeled shoes, either sandals or pointy slingbacks.




Who are your style icons or inspiration? 

So many! I can say for sure that Katharine Hepburn could wear a pair of men’s trousers like no other!

Jane Birkin was so effortlessly chic and cool and had the sweetest smile ever.  Lauren Hutton and her slouchy pants along with her laidback attitude is simply everything!

Last but not least, Princess Diana, because she had it all. Great personality, kindness and a unique sense of style.


If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be?

One of the most important things that we have to face sooner or later is the environment change. I know this is a cliché answer but I would like to see more sustainable luxury fashion and eco-friendly design products.




What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Never stop – creating, living, exploring!

This was my father’s advice whom I lost during my teens, a very sensitive period of mine and has stayed in my mind and followed me ever since, in everything I do.  I never stop!


What are your favourite Positive Luxury brands to trust?

Loewe is all I can dream about! So fun, yet so luxurious. It would be my dream coming true if I was to work with this brand! Although I do not easily wear watches, IWC Schaffhausen watches are just too fabulous not to decorate my wrist with!

And finally, Belvedere Vodka with tonic makes my summer nights roll by smoothly and tasty!




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