Style with Substance: How To Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

With London Fashion Week officially kicking off today, we’re celebrating British design and innovation. We asked Wear The Walk Founder, Zoe Partridge, for her top tips on minimising your fashion footprint and creating a sustainable wardrobe – without compromising on style.

Sustainable Wardrobe

The word ‘sustainable’ gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does a sustainable wardrobe really look like? If you’re passionate about making your wardrobe more sustainable, you need to first decide what aspect of sustainability matters most to you. Maybe you care that your clothing was made in an ethically run factory, or maybe you care more about the environmental impact of its fabrics? The practice of green-washing is getting ever more sophisticated, but there are steps you as a consumer can take to craft a closet that reflects your tastes and values.

Step One: Shop local materials

This sounds harder than it is! We’re incredibly lucky to have a huge range of heritage brands in the UK – so many of which use sustainable materials, sourced ethically and locally. Brands like Vimpelova are a prime example of a company sourcing locally and creating some really innovative styles.

Step Two: Upcycle

Often referred to as the ‘new-wave’ of sustainable fashion, many designers are turning old products into new ones through up-cycling and using re-claimed materials. Whilst this sounds like a tradition that’s been around for years (think vintage clothing), it’s the ability to transform old scraps into brand new pieces that excites us. Take Alice Bracken knitwear and Martina Speltlova’s leather pieces as innovators in this field. These designers track every step of their manufacturing process, reworking 20-year old leather to look brand new.

Step Three: Pay it forward

Designers like Bozena Jankowska are pioneering sustainable fashion not only from a materials and production aspect but through communicating a strong CSR strategy. With every sale made from Bozena’s collection, they donate a percentage to the Bee Charity to give back to the eco-system that her collection is built from. We’re huge fans of the brand for their staple workwear and transition items.

Step Four: Embrace alternatives

In 2018 fur is pretty much a no-no on the streets of London, so we’re championing new designers that use alterative materials to create a similar aesthetic. Take Krasimira Stoyneva, who uses synthetic hair instead of fur – a win for sustainable luxury without compromising on style.

Step Five: Borrow, don’t buy

Think about how you consume – instead of buying a new piece of fast fashion every month, why not subscribe to a service that not only stocks the cutting edge in sustainable design but also allows you to have a revolving wardrobe? Saving the world and your bank balance.


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