The Switch Off: Positive Ways To Digitally Detox

It’s no secret that we are getting busier and busier and more of us are trialling a device-free life. But if you’re not ready to go phone-less full time, here’s how to integrate moments of calm into your everyday routine…


Challenge yourself to take a trip around your local area leaving your phone at home. Live in the moment more and take a journal with you to jot down things you notice, see and smell – all provide inspiration and might spark some creativity within you. Just be sure to let someone know where you’re going!



The book ‘How To Break Up With Your Phone’ reached cult-status this year, with leading journalists and influencers declaring it a ‘life-changer’. Scientist Catherine Price explores tips and tricks to break up with your phone, in ways you can easily digest. Plus, time spent reading is less time spent glued to your devices.


Why not book an alternative summer holiday to the usual updating-from-your-sunbed trip and try our Bold Bodies dance retreat. Including daily gentle exercise, you’re encouraged to leave your devices at the door – and when you’re nestled in stunning Montepagano, Italy it is the perfect place to focus on your surroundings rather than a screen.


Devise a new ‘offline’ routine that allows you certain hours of the day, or week that you know you’ll be off your phone. Our go-to? Yoga, or another form of meditative exercise designed to slow you down and re-focus your mind.




An app that combines philanthropy with technology, Hold rewards you for every 20 minutes that you spend offline. Created in Norway and launched in March 2018, the best part is that alongside cinema vouchers and rewards, UK students using Hold can also exchange their points for school books and stationary which are donated to schools working with UNICEF. Currently it is only available for students, but increasing productivity while helping those in need? It has our vote, so watch this space.


Be honest with yourself – when was the last time you lasted an entire gathering without checking your phone? Invite your chosen crowd to a device-free dinner party, and make a point not to check them until the night is over. You never know what conversation you might end up having or who you might connect with, in real life.

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