Top Tips for Travelling Solo

Travelling solo can be the most incredible experience – offering you the chance to discover new things about yourself and the world.

For the unfamiliar however, it can feel daunting to take that trip by yourself. So here are our top tips to taking the leap and finding the freedom to go wherever you please.


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Restival Mural. Image Credit: Michael Drummond


Plan Ahead

Particularly if you’ve never travelled alone before, planning your trip well in advance is a great way to help you feel settled from the very start.

Make sure you have accommodation booked for at least the first few nights and get yourself a guide book to rough out an itinerary of things to see and do.

“Ensure you’ve got someone to meet you at the airport when you land or become a member of Uber as they tend to be in most places now,” recommends Caroline Jones, Founder of Restival.


Find a Community  

Travelling solo doesn’t have to mean being alone. Seek out an event or destination where you can meet like-minded people, while also having time for yourself

Combining elements of a retreat and a festival, Restival provides space and time to unwind and rejuvenate and is a popular choice for solo travellers according to its founder Caroline Jones.

“We are a safe haven for them. It’s so comforting to know that you’re not the only singleton at dinner and you can join others and become a community. We also offer such a wide range of activities it appeals to many tastes.”


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Ask Around

Get comfortable talking to people when you’re out and about travelling alone. Sharing a conversation with the staff at a café or fellow travellers can be a great way of finding out more about the local area and discovering its hidden gems.

If you’re in an unfamiliar place and unsure about safety this is also a good place to start. Staff in hotels and restaurants can often provide useful advice on the best ways to navigate cities.

Try to learn a few phrases in the local language too – it will help you feel less isolated and bring you confidence.


Stay Busy

If you’re taking the leap into holidaying alone for the first time then opt for an activity-filled trip that will keep you busy and stave off any loneliness.

City destinations are often far more appealing to the solo traveller for this reason. They provide plenty of entertainment, plus most people feel less conspicuous being alone in busy areas.

Having said that, if the idea of being alone on a beach with just a book and a cocktail for company sounds like your idea of heaven – then go for it!  


Restival_Yoga_Michael Drummond_2

Restival Yoga. Image Credit: Michael Drummond


Embrace the Solitude

When on holiday alone – particularly when travelling or eating out – it can be easy to look for distractions and stick your head in a book to find entertainment.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but try to take some time for yourself, your thoughts and your destination too. Admire the view and people watch while enjoying your coffee at a roadside café or spend some time just wandering around to get to know the lie of the land.

The best thing about travelling solo is that you get to make all the decisions – you are free to do whatever you’d like, when you’d like. Don’t make excuses for your solitude, embrace it and discover all the wonders the world has to offer!





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