Ways to Improve Your Sleep Health

Whether it’s your skin, mental health, or your work performance, there is very little a good night’s sleep can’t improve. And yet a sound night of slumber proves elusive to many of us: stress and caffeine are common culprits of sleep problems, as well as bedrooms filled with light and electronics. It’s not just about going to bed earlier or racking up the hours, you should aim to improve the quality of your sleep too. 

To up the odds of getting restorative sleep, creating structure and calm around your bed time can help hugely. While most of us are unlikely to be able to get to bed at precisely the same time every night, creating a cosy, gadget-free room will help you relax more speedily when you do go to bed.

Here are our top tips dedicated to helping you make the most of your nocturnal hours.



Relax and Restore

A steaming bath is ideal to help you relax after a busy day – but did you know that the change in body temperature as you cool down after bathing can also help induce drowsiness and help you drop off more quickly.

Fill your bath with soothing fragrance for the ultimate restoring experience. We love AEOS’s Pink Bath Salts that blend biodynamic plant extracts with essential oils and crystal energies to deliver therapy to mind, body and soul. Swirl a few drops of Be Genki’s Be Tranquil essential oils blend into a bath, mix it in to a massage base oil or add to an oil burner. This organic, vegan brand’s collection can help calm your senses and remedy mental and emotional agitation or insomnia. 

After bathing continue the relaxing routine by applying your favourite enriching aromatherapy oils. We recommend Sleepy Head by Soveral , a beautiful scent with marjoram and chamomile to calm the mind and relieve any dwelling anxieties. While valerian essential oil sedates and soothes the nervous system, preparing you for a dreamy state.

Alexandra Soveral - Sensual Healing

Alexandra Soveral’s Sensual Healing collection


Mood Lighting

Lighting a candle for the last hour or so before bed can help create a soft, low-lit environment to wind down in. Lisa Franklin’s Love Light Energy candle in Rose Rouge has delicate notes of Rose blended with Opulent middle eastern Oud to create a decadent scent which will transform and energise any space.


Dress Up

Nightwear is often a section of our wardrobes that gets neglected, yet the right sleepwear can dramatically change the way you feel and therefore how you sleep. 

For classic comfort, natural fabrics with breathability that will prevent you from overheating. Bodas is the obvious choice. Their range of traditional pyjamas are made from 100% cotton for ultimate softness and are available in short or full-length styles, with luxury options such as cashmere robes, perfect for fall. Plus, they have the advantage of being chic enough for a lazy weekend of lounging too.

If you’re feeling more sensual, award-winning British luxury lingerie label Freolic London make slipping into your sheets an altogether more decadent experience. These scarlet Brigitte knickers and robe, made with embroidered French Chantilly lace, are both beautiful and a Positive Luxury product to trust.


Bodas (left) and Freolic Lingerie (right)


Treat your Skin

Moisturing your skin just before bed builds self-care into your night-time routine and ensures you get the best beautifying benefits out of your sleep. Argentum’s La Potion Infinie is not only genderless — it uses silver for its anti-microbal, healing properties to protect your peau as you snooze. 


Argentum Apothecary’s skincare line


Settle Down 

Finally its time to climb into bed.  Even though we use our pillows every day, but we don’t always invest in the quality we deserve. Like with nightwear, we recommend bedding made from natural fibres that will help regulate your temperature throughout the night, preventing you from waking up before that alarm clock goes off.

A good set of pillows and bedding will support your neck and feel airy and comfortable. Penrose Products only uses the finest British wool and alpaca fibres, which also have the advantage of being naturally hypoallergenic too. Plus, the company is Vegetarian Society approved so you can sleep safely knowing their materials are all ethically sourced. What’s more, when your bedding gets a little tired, you can use the business’ ‘Fibre Refresh’ scheme to restore your purchase to its former glory. 

Oh — and they can be personalised for you.  


Penrose pillows and bedding are the classic British choice

Sweet dreams everyone! 

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