Wellbeing in the Workplace: Plus Five Top Tips to Boost Your Own Wellbeing

Concepts of wellbeing are being brought into our daily lives – from meditation tips to exercise ideas – but what about in the workplace?

We explore how brands are tackling these issues to create a happier and more productive workforce. Plus how you can integrate these practices into your own life. 


Why is Wellbeing at Work Important?

There has been a lifestyle shift over the past few years as a mindful and considered approach to living entered the mainstream. Increasingly, this trend is spreading throughout our home and work lives, as businesses understand the importance of encouraging a holistic approach to wellbeing in the workplace.

We spend significant amounts of our lives at work and unfortunately, recent reports suggest stress levels are higher than ever, and work-related mental or physical health problems being a reality for many.

Enhancing your wellbeing at work is a mutual responsibility of you and your employer. Not only will this help you construct a happier work life, but many studies show that happier workers are more productive too!


Who’s Doing It Already?

We’re proud that many of our brands to trust strive to enhance wellbeing and happiness among their employees.

Sidi Bou Saïd. Tunisie. 2008.

Krug Vineyards. Image Credit: Denis Chapoullie

Throughout its history, Krug has always strongly valued the people behind its Champagne. In fact, its longest running contract is from 1869, demonstrating its commitment to nurturing its relationships with the growers as much as the land on which the vines are grown. At the end of each cycle, the growers are invited to join in tastings to involve them further in the process and strengthen the links between the people and the land.

IWC Schaffhausen uses sport and other social activities to foster team spirit and boost morale, bringing this positivity back into the workplace. Last year, the horology brand teamed up with Step Jockey to encourage staff to take the stairs rather than the lift. Employees have taken up the challenge with relish and racked up the equivalent steps to travelling around the globe!

Friends at Weleda Germany

Friends at Weleda Germany. PC: @weledauk

Natural beauty brand Weleda strongly advocates the need for a positive work-life balance among its employees. The company understands the importance of nurturing talent – from apprenticeship programmes that foster creative thinking to company-ran day care to make life a little easier for working parents.


Highland Partners Annual Day of Giving. PC: Highland Partners

Often boosting wellbeing is about giving employees space and time to give back to their community. Real estate company Highland Partners runs an annual Day of Giving, where staff work with community partners in the local Oakland area. All agents are encouraged to contribute to local charitable causes of their choosing, strengthening their knowledge and relationship with the surrounding community.


How to Boost Your Own Wellbeing

At Positive Luxury, we believe in proactivity! Rather than waiting for your company to implement wellbeing approaches why not try to introduce some yourself? Talk to your fellow colleagues and come up with a plan that will make your working environment healthier and happier for all.


There are many resources that can help you with this – including the upcoming Wellbeing in Fashion short course from GCU British School of Fashion. The programme will help further your understanding of wellbeing within the workplace and equip you with the tools you need to implement these practices into your own life.

In an exclusive preview of the course, we asked its organiser Hrvoje Kondzic for his top five tips to boosting wellbeing throughout the work day;

  • Regulate Energy: Plan meals and snacks in advance to provide you with steady energy throughout the day and avoid that post-chocolate sugar crash.
  • Drink Water: Keeping a bottle or jug of water on your desk can help you remember to drink more. Not only is it great for your skin and digestion, but will take you away from your desk for regular bathroom breaks.
  • Think Creatively: If you’re stuck on a reoccurring challenge, try to find new and creative approaches to look at the problem. Share your query with a colleague for support.
  • Head Outside: It’s perhaps a little ambitious to suggest a picnic for most of the year, but try to get outside for at least a few minutes during your lunchbreak. During colder months, carve out space in your office for eating to take you away from your desk.
  • Support Each Other: Your wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of your co-workers. Stay aware of how each other are feeling and offer a reconciliatory cup of tea or organise an office get-together after work to boost morale.

Find out more about the Well-being in Fashion short course, including how to book your place. The course will run in the evenings over six weeks from 16th May to 20th June.  


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