What Is Responsible Leadership?

Positive Luxury Blog What Is Responsible Leadership Artha Collections

Catherine Grigioni with Artha Collection artisans

During Positive Week 2017 we’re celebrating the brands who put governance and responsible leadership at the very core of their mission. But what exactly does responsible leadership entail? We spoke to our brands to trust and industry partners for their thoughts on what responsible leadership means to them and why it’s so important…

Joanna Dai, Founder Dai Wear

Responsible Business is beyond just day-to-day focus and discipline. It is putting the framework and system in place that holds ourselves and all parties accountable in the process of achieving our consumer-oriented objectives and positive brand values that we set out from Day 1. As a new startup, we knew we wanted to anchor these values in place from the outset, rather than establishing them down the line. Achieving the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury is a huge milestone for us because it holds us responsible at their remarkable standards. It also provides us with resources vetted by their council of experts in control areas we had yet to finalise.

Positive Luxury Blog What Is Responsible Leadership DAI Wear


Catherine Grigioni, Co-Founder Artha Collections

Responsible business leadership means thinking about all the stakeholders in a business supply and consumer chain, and looking at growth models which take into account the true costs of production. Being a responsible business leader means thinking not just of the impact our actions will have on the present, but the impact on the future.  It means reflecting on how a business can be used as a force to do good and innovating so as to find sustainable growth solutions. It’s so important because we are all connected, so it’s impossible to ignore what is going on around the world. When responsible business leaders find a common voice we are in a position to lead by example.

Positive Luxury Blog What Is Responsible Leadership Artha Collections

Catherine Grigioni with Artha Collection artisans

Nishanth Copra, Founder Oshadi

I think every action we take as an individual influences the interdependent system we live in. It is therefore important for an individual to make decisions with the fullest understanding of its consequences.

Positive Luxury What Is Responsible Leadership Oshadi

Photo Credit: Esha Chhabra

Rachel Bates, CEO & Founder Rachel Bates Interiors

Such an enormous amount of thought & consideration goes into absolutely everything we do. Our philosophy is to produce the antiques of tomorrow, which I feel is especially important today in our throw-away society. Sustainability is just as important as every other element of your business and should be an intrinsic part of your brands DNA. Governance within any organisation sets the tone of the business. It provides a coherent set of guidelines to your team, your suppliers and everyone you work with to ensure you are all moving and operating in the best direction for the planet today and the next generation. It’s important to remember that we are just the current custodians and what we do today has an impact on tomorrow. I would like to leave a positive legacy behind and be remembered as a brand who produced beautiful and elegant products with consideration and care. 

Positive Luxury Blog What Is Responsible Leadership Rachel Bates


Daniella Vega, Director of Sustainability at Selfridges

The purpose of business should be in service to society; sustainability is non-negotiable. We need to answer the needs of customers demanding transparency. We really are on the cusp of huge change in the industry with larger brands looking to smaller ones to learn from their innovation and adaptability. It’s creating a far more even playing field, and responsible business is integral to that.

Positive Luxury Blog What Is Responsible Leadership Daniella Vega Selfridges


Julietta Dexter, CEO & Founder The Communications Store

Responsible business means being and thinking longer-term. Responsible business means focussing on the triple bottom line, surely we must have evolved out of a singular focus on the single bottom line?  We try at TCS to be clever, considered, considerate and maybe a little counter-cultural in everything that we do. Trust and Loyalty are long-term, not short term activities. Businesses need to think much longer and harder about what that really means. We all need to think a great deal more about the longer term consequences of each and every decision we make in running businesses, how we look after our employees and what our purchasing decisions are.

Positive Luxury What Is Responsible Leadership Julietta Dexter The Communications Store


Discover more of our brands to trust emphasising the importance of good governance.

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