Wildfitness’ Top Tips for Sustainable Festival Going

Festivals are one of the joys of the summer season – whether you’re headed to one at home or abroad they are a unique experience that lets you embrace the great outdoors while enjoying incredible culture.

Ahead of their stint at Obonjan Festival this summer, Wildfitness has pulled together some top sustainable tips to ensure your festival trip treads lightly on the local environment.




Do Your Research

More and more festivals are now investing in sustainable measures – from composting toilets to carbon offsetting. Before you book your ticket check the event website or ask the organisers what they are doing to lessen the environmental impact of the festival.

Do they strive to ensure the local environment and community is supported and the festival does not impact on the ecology of the area? For example, we love that Obonjan works with eco-friendly producers and ethical businesses to source local food for the festival.




Travel Together

While sometimes travelling by car or plane are unavoidable, consider if it’s possible to lessen your footprint before you even get to the festival.

Sign up for a car-sharing service to cut down on the number of cars on the road, or look out for public transport options that will often get you to the festival quicker than driving anyway.

Travelling together is also a great way to make new friends on the way and get yourself into the festival spirit!




Think Reusable

Unfortunately, festivals often create vast amounts of waste. Try to lessen your personal footprint by bringing reusable items to cut down on the amount that is thrown away at the end of the event.

A reusable water bottle is the most obvious essential – we give out our own reusable bottles to our Wildfitness clients – it’ll save space in your bag from carrying bottled water and ensure that you’re not creating unnecessary plastic waste.

We also like to tuck a compact cutlery set in our bags too – ready for any alfresco dining opportunity!




Pack Creatively

It can be tempting to buy a whole new wardrobe when you go away, but if you think creatively then you can find pieces that can transition from your everyday wardrobe into festival wear. Opt for bright colours to get into that festival vibe and loose comfortable shapes to keep you cool in the summer heat and help you stay dancing ‘til dawn.

Pack light, you never need as many outfits as you think and choose versatile items that can be worn for multiple purposes. When it comes to beauty, think multipurpose formulas that can save on space while still delivering your skin a much-needed moisture-boost after a day or two in the sun.

And of course, if you’re joining Wildfitness at Obonjan, remember to pack your sportswear too!

Luca Jouel – Little Luca
Goldy Zen Cercle Pendant

Umran Aysan
Handmade Crochet Blouse – White

Explorer – Crystal

Refreshing Facial Mist

Umran Aysan
Tailored Shorts – Blue

Ello C Natural Gold

Robe de Voyage
Kyoto Scarf

Monochrom Hannah Pom Pom Clutch

Pleated Strap Dress

Maxi-Dress – Navy

Mini Bikini Bottom – Atlantic Blue

Halterneck Bikini Top – Atlantic Blue

Gabriela Hearst
Velvet Sandals

Elvis & Kresse
Overnight Bag

Seascape Island Apothecary
Uplift Awake Oil


Wildfitness will be hosting its signature sessions during Obonjan festival from 22nd July – 19th August.

Book now for an unforgettable experience that combines rejuvenating fitness activities with the spirit of a Mediterranean festival!

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