Winter Sun: 5 Earth-Friendly Resorts To Escape To

Whether it’s sun and snow, or sun and sand, the end of the year is the perfect time to escape. Head to one of our sustainable resorts that are Positive Luxury approved, for indulgence that won’t leave you feeling guilty come the start of the new year. Relax, take stock and soak up some Vitamin D…


Right in the heart of Gstaad, Le Grande Bellevue is the oldest palace hotel in the region, and a symbol of holistic luxury. It boasts a casual yet refined interior, with bespoke furniture including side-tables made from antique Alpine walking sticks and George Smith armchairs upholstered in soft velvets and smart herringbone fabrics.

They keep over 90% of their supply chain in Switzerland, with a Michelin-starred chef at the helm of their famous Leonard’s restaurant. A partner of the Theodora Charity – which seeks to improve the everyday life of children in hospitals and is a non-profit organisation – the hotel gives back just as much as it gives.

Make a beeline for their new Ski & Soul package – the first of its kind in Gstaad – which combines active outdoor mountain pursuits with mental wellbeing and personal healing. From morning mindfulness by a frozen river to a Goat Milk & Honey Bath at Le Grand Spa, this takes apres ski to a whole new level.



Cambodia’s first private island, Song Saa is the luxury eco-resort that Editors and Influencers alike swoon over. Committed to maintaining the natural assets that make this location so unique, it’s nestled in the warm sapphire waters of the Gulf of Thailand, just 35 minutes by boat from the port of Sihanoukville.

Song Saa’s first venture, the award-winning Song Saa Private Island, pioneered conservation-based luxury tourism in Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago, working with villages, governments, investors and donors to improve local livelihoods and preserve marine life and rainforests.  It boasts Cambodia’s first dedicated marine reserve and the first island-based solid waste management programme.

Cocooned away in privacy, this is the ultimate destination to tread lightly away from the frenetic urban world.



Deriving from the Swedish philosophy meaning ‘just right’, Lagom resort is brought to you by the creators of Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne. The name of the game here is simplicity, where everything is low-key and low impact; luxurious both through interiors, surroundings and a true sense of having a positive effect on the locality you’re staying in.

A percentage of their revenue will go back to their community, and they’re committed to working on the UN Sustainable Development goals. Giving you the choice of laundered linens, toiletries and other simple provisions allows you to have the power in making your own environmentally-friendly choices.

The scandi-style interiors and effortless, natural style is the perfect place to warm up after a long day on the slopes.



SALT are travel-loving hoteliers and totally unlike your typical getaway. Completely immersing you in local life, they take you off the beaten path with guides and tour books written locally too. That feeling of having truly lived your location? This is what SALT is all about.

Each resort has its own farm, using permaculture practices and hydroponics to yield diverse crops, while each of the farms has their own vegetarian restaurant. You will never find a single use plastic product at SALT, using products such as cornstarch in their packaging to ensure they can be composted after use.

Our recommendation? Head to their first born resort in Mauritius, completely designed, built and decorated by local people skilled in their trade. With a salt room in the spa, no single-use plastics and a direct farm to restaurant supply, this is the ultimate luxury escape.



Looking for a custom-made getaway? For over 20 years Aracari has specialised in bespoke, sustainable trips to Peru, Bolivia and the Galapagos. Tapping into their unparalleled network of contacts from across the region, Aracari provides authentic, insider experiences that truly connect guests with the people and places they visit.

They work with handpicked partners who share a commitment to responsible travel. From promoting locally-owned lodges to collaborating with community tourism initiatives, Aracari know how to fully benefit from tourism – so that both sides can reap the rewards.

Head to Lima for a gourmet cuisine experience, learning how to cook while overlooking the Pacific Ocean and touring local design spots.


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