6 Earth-Friendly Ways To Wrap Your Presents

Gifting is often both a pleasant and difficult task; there’s great joy in giving love ones something special and a small struggle deciphering what they would like. On average, it takes 6 mature trees to make a tonne of paper.  This means approximately 50,000 trees are used to make the 8,250 tonnes consumed at Christmas (estimated Christmas use = 75% of total). This year, with sustainability louder than ever the question is: how do you avoid waste this season? Where previously you may have used reams of wrapping paper here are seven alternative and more planet-friendly ways to give gifts this season…

  1. In Japan, “furoshiki” is a way of gifting or transporting goods with fabric. Make like brand to trust Miller Harris who are using 100% silk scarves this season on their luxurious fragrances.

2. Make use of old books you have  lying around and use their pages or old sheet music to wrap.

3. Brands like WrapWrap (above) go the extra mile and produce wrapping paper from 100% traceable recycled materials, so you can wrap safe in the knowledge you’re being kind to the earth. Plus? It’s Vogue-approved.

4. Newspaper can be chic if you decorate with a stylish flourish. Shiny ribbon can be replaced with 100% cotton twine, while holly leaves and ferns make seasonal toppings.

5. Brown paper shopping bags you have at home can also be put to use – why not try sewing them closed with coloured organic cotton to lend a festive touch.

6. Letterpress and design studio, Ruff House Art, offers paper emblazoned with seasonal decorations, all printed with vegetable-based inks on recycled paper.

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