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The French brand JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded launched in 2010, with the intent to invent a new kind of jeweller's craft that pairs absolute aestheticism with ethical progress. 

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JEM draws inspiration from a future whose outline is still being defined, but with values we can already grasp. JEM strives to bring about a conscious and enlightened way of making jewellery, with full respect of people and the environment in its process. JEM aspires to shine a new light on the world of jewellery without depriving it of its essential poetry and grace.

At the heart of their commitments is the sole sourcing of ethical gold certified by Fairmined, with full traceability and transparency, the perpetuation of the French jeweller's craftsmanship.
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Refined, minimalist and structured, JEM's creations aim to combine the force of a strong presence with an almost innocent sobriety. The radical simplicity of the pieces make a daring statement, yet are timeless enough that they almost become objects that move in the steady pulse of our dreams.
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We strive to bring about a sustainable way of making jewellery, both conscious and enlightened. We wish to create jewels in a spirit of goodwill, according to our mission and idea of ethical progress.