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Rachel Bates was established in 2012. Following Rachel's experience as an interior designer, Rachel developed the brand with sister Katie Goodwin, to produce a luxury e-boutique experience for clients which launched in 2015, based on exquisite craft and joyful colours through own label collections and exclusive collaborations.

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From the outset, the key elements for product designs were very clear; everything produced must always be stylish, colourful, elegant, exquisite, of beautiful quality and craftsmanship and produced by some of the finest manufacturers and artisans in the world.

Rachel Bates products are produced to the highest standards, always using the best quality materials, made by hand by incredibly skilled craftsmen and artisans. Both the launch collections and brand edits are a reflection of Rachel's own personality; vibrant and captivating.
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We are inspired by colour, by nature and by what can be achieved by traditional, artisan craftsmanship. Both Marie Daage and the team at Artel work in the most vibrant, rich shades and this love of colour informs much of what I do myself.

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