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From the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Thesis Gems is the epitome of modern luxury: mine-to-market and transparent, crafting stylish pieces for all occasions. Women-owned, this artisan brand sources pearls, diamonds, rubies and more with the utmost respect for their source - with fashion-forward results. 

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Founder Cate Claus has been studying gemology, jewelry fabrication, and the global history of mineral extraction for years in order to establish sustainable and transparent sources for her select gemstones.

Their pearls are sourced from Sea of Cortez in the Gulf of California, and from Kasumi pearls in Japan, both small and sustainable productions that have restored the marine environment from which they are harvested. Tsavorites are from Bridges Tsavorites in Kenya, a fully integrated mining company that offers health insurance for its workers and employs ecological practices such as the collection and reuse of rainwater. Diamonds are either certified Canadian diamonds or fine certified re-cut post consumer diamonds from Perpetuum Jewels.
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Moreover, Sapphires are sourced from Sheahan Sapphires and come from Sri Lanka, directly mine-to-market. Their solid opals are from Hopkins Opals, sourced directly from Lightning Ridge, Australia, which follows strict mining protocols including restoration of the land after mining has commenced. Mozambique rubies are sourced from Gemfields, whom are committed to sustainable mining practices for both workers and the environment.

The brand thinks daily about ways to support ecological conservation and fair labor mining processes in the sourcing of the gems they use in their heirloom jewelry. In addition to being a member for 1% for the Planet which supports California Waterways where Thesis Gems is based, they are constantly looking to establish relationships with conservation and restoration organizations in the countries from which the gems originate.
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“I’m truly proud of our collections — I know that every atom in my pieces has a truth, a story, and a history that I can be proud of. I hope this will translate to the wearer. I want my jewelry to foster connection, and to trust and ground us. A legacy that can be shared, and passed on. Thesis is in many ways a reflection of my own values and aspirations.” Founder Cate Claus