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Guya Merkle took over the management of German jewellery house VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery  in 2007, following her father's passing away. Re-defining the brand philosophy, VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery Haute Joaillerie is made entirely from ethical and recycled gold and designed to reflect the diversity of the modern woman.

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Following her father's sudden death in 2007, Guya Merkle inherited jewellery house VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery and re-defined the brand's philosophy. 'What is true luxury? Shouldn't a luxury product have a positive impact on the individual who comes across it?'

VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery  believes that responsible actions and luxury are interlinked. Every piece of jewellery created by VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery  is made with respect for people and the environment, and has the greatest impact on the well being of the people that encounter the brand. VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery  solely uses ethically sourced and recycled gold for all creations and by establishing long-term partnerships with gold mines and producers, the company is able to guarantee complete transparency.

Guya Merkle incorporates the many facets of femininity in her creations, with the understanding and craftsmanship of the art of Haute Joaillerie.
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Not content with just producing beautiful jewellery, Guya Merkle, has also created the Earthbeat Foundation. Dedicated to improving the gold industry, the Foundation raises awareness of ethically-mined gold and building sustainable production chains. They also work closely with the miners to improve their working conditions and lives.

The Earthbeat Foundation not only improves working standards through better safety clothing and equipment, it also finds ways to diversify income. An initiative that means communities are not wholly dependent on the gold industry.

For example, a bee-keeping project with miners in Busia, Uganda will soon see the town set up hives and train bee-keeping. The mining community can then produce a range of products, such as honey or beeswax, that increase the income possibilities for miners.

From ensuring proper safety standards, to helping diversify income so that communities are not completely dependent on the mining industry, their work means that you can enjoy your VIERI Responsible Fine Jewellery  jewellery with peace of mind. Guya's encouragement of manufacturers to be more transparent in their production and consumers to be more demanding, is an inspiration to us all.
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It is my vision to build a company that not only produces and acts responsibly but also makes the world a more beautiful and better place with its products.