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Wildfitness runs transformative physical courses in wild, stunning locations globally. Their aim is to reconnect you to a primal, physical state of deep health and wellbeing. Wildfitness has developed an authentic, effective and consistent philosophy over 15 years and continues to discover and implement paradigm-shifting knowledge, so that clients are always nurtured and ahead of their game.

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Wildfitness has a unique provision of holistic wellbeing for their audience, with sustainability at the heart of every step. Wildfitness believes that nature and evolution are the most powerful teachers. By looking back to our origins and applying the lessons that evolution has taught us, we can be truly fit and healthy today -- even with the pressures that modern life places on our bodies and minds.

Wildfitness was started in 2001 when Tara Wood noticed that her friends, while at her family home on the Kenyan coast, would feel more refreshed and energised simply by moving and playing in nature. Upon investigation, she discovered that there was a nascent but growing body of research that showed that simply being in nature was good for people, made them happier, less stressed and more productive. People interested in exploring nature and learning more about themselves, as a result, were a conscientious bunch. Wildfitness’ approach is to make small changes to raise people’s awareness by simply giving them time to stop, rest and reflect.
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Courses are run by an elite team of coaches who bring a wide variety of skills and professional experience to the Wildfitness community and are united in their belief in the wild approach. The retreats, coaches and sessions are built on three powerful tenets that are the pillars of Wildfitness:

Wild Eating - eating plenty of delicious, nutritious flavoursome natural foods – just as your body was designed to, in order to feel satiated, energised and lean.

Wild Moving - moving with skill and playfulness to develop a lean, strong, flexible and injury-resilient body.

Wild Living - respecting your body's natural rhythms and its need for rest and recuperation and contact with nature in order to maintain focus, balance and energy. Applying this knowledge to stay healthy back in the environment of your daily life.
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Press reviews, awards and client testimonials demonstrate that Wildfitness is considered an outstanding and unparalleled experience.

Wildfitness has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their inspired commitment to engage people with the beauty and benefits of a natural habitat.
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Sustainability and mindfulness, two seemingly disparate concepts are, I believe, surprisingly linked.

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