Alba White Mouse in Pink Dress Leggybuddy - L


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Alba White doesn’t talk much, but she will love you sooo much.  Alba is very shy and delicate so please treat her right and keep her by your side.  Please, don’t feed her ketchup or spaghetti bolognese! Alba White is cute and fashionable. She's a beautiful handmade toy and little girls love to hug her and play with her all day long. She comes in a lovely crochet dress and with a pair of shoes.

About this brand

leggybuddy® is a Swiss brand of handmade toys and home accessories founded by graphic and fashion designer Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld. Each leggybuddy is a unique handmade character which is fun for a child and a unique contemporary home decoration. They are equally loved by children and adults for their charm, timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship.