Argentum Apothecary has swiftly climbed the beauty ranks, adored by Editors and Instagrammers alike for its innovative formulas and chic packaging. We caught up with the label’s Founder Joy Isaacs, on her inspiration, and motives behind the brand. 


What inspired you to start your own beauty brand?

My driving force was and is a passion for creativity, healing and exploration. Growing up in South Africa, my mother always used Colloidal Silver for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, although my trigger moment came from my experience of having an infection after surgery that only healed when my doctor used silver impregnated wound dressings. I guess this must have stayed at the back of my mind, but the idea to start my own beauty brand came soon after that experience, in the form of a night-time dream. This dream carried immense energy and a clear vision to create ARgENTUM unfolded. I felt inspired to create something unique, something that fulfilled my idea of what the ultimate collection of boutique skincare products should represent. The concept didn’t focus on a target audience, it focused on creating something all-encompassing, that mixed science with nature – masculine, with feminine intuition.


Credit: Louise Jutson


Your products contain Silver Hydrosol – why this specifically? 

There are a few products on the market that contain silver, but not all are considered equal. Colloidal silver is the generic term for substances with silver particles in suspension, whereas Silver Hydrosol is positively charged silver ions (made of 99.99% pure silver) suspended in pharmaceutical grade purified water, and is the ultimate refinement and purity of the colloidal silver category. Its incredible anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which have been recognised for thousands of years, are now utilised in modern medicine. We have harnessed those vital properties, honouring its ability to decrease the irritant effects caused by oxidative stress, regulate skin flora and stimulate skin elasticity. For this reason, we chose Silver Hydrosol to form the basis of our patented formula and as our main active ingredient.


Why was using natural ingredients important to you?

We could, so we did. We had the choice to make sure every ingredient used was ethically sourced and as natural as possible. Our formulas currently achieve a 99.5% – 100% from natural origins rating, and we use all-organic ingredients where possible. We deliver high science products with love, and that means not adding toxic or somewhat dodgy ingredients to our patented formula. We will always review our ingredients and their suppliers to ensure we offer the very best quality raw materials, all the while considering our social Responsibility.


ARgENTUM is inspired by beauty and love and it just wouldn’t feel right if integrity didn’t sit
at the heart of this.”


La Potion Infinie

Le Savon Lune

La Lotion Infinie


How does Argentum strive to be a responsible business?

From the very start of our journey we chose to be ethically transparent, and focused on sourcing natural ingredients from sustainable sources. We never compromise on quality, and focus on our mantra: ‘Unique & Powerful Skincare’, but not at the expense of people, animals or the environment. I have a sense of pride that our patented formulas are free from alcohol, SLS, PEGs, parabens, petroleum, silicones and the general toxic soup of ingredients found in many high- end luxury skincare brands. Being responsible doesn’t stop with our formulas, it extends to our packaging. From our uncoated paper, handmade in the UK, to our glass jars and PET recyclable lids. We ensure it is all fully recyclable. Naturally we were delighted to be presented with the Butterfly Mark award from Positive Luxury, and wholeheartedly believe that organisations like this help to keep us focused on what’s right.


What’s been the highlight of starting your own brand?

It’s the endless creativity and growth that appeals to my nature, and being able to help in some way around making people feel better about themselves. We have received so many beautiful love letters from customers who feel ARgENTUM has changed the appearance of their skin, and helped with conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It’s real stories like these that touch my heart and drive me to continue delivering skincare with integrity and love. I also love being able to explore the concept of beauty within through the twelve ARgENTUM archetype cards, and how we can connect with our customers through these magical energies that come together to form one.


Credit: Louise Jutson


What challenges have you faced?

In the beginning, my biggest challenge was being able to bring together the various creative elements in the overall vision I had for ARgENTUM. It was Sam Gray, my partner in life and business who bought structure to these ideas and helped to make them work. He also helped me discover and uncover the brand which is something we continue to do to this day. I adore the magic and excitement that unfolds when we hit a creative eureka moment… it’s this passion that drives what we do.

ARgENTUM is a luxury boutique brand. The very nature of what we offer is somehow personal, the challenge is in how we expand without losing our unique qualities that set us aside from the very large corporate beauty companies. As we grow I want to continue to lead from the heart and not strictly from our bottom line.


If you had to choose a favourite product from the range what would it be?

I would have to choose la potion infinie, our super hydrating, restorative day and night cream. It was designed to be an all-in-one moisturiser, eye cream and serum, and at 70ml, lasts a good few months when applying twice a day. It delivers hydration by penetrating the intercellular space of the skin, and that is why it absorbs instantly, tightens pores and doesn’t leave an oily film on the surface of your skin. I immediately notice a difference in my skin after using la potion infinie. There really is nothing quite like it, and with its signature scent mimicking the active ingredients by capturing the elements of fire, air, earth and water, it delivers a unique sensory experience.


And one piece of positive advice you’d give to your younger self?

I would just smile at my younger self – I would tell her to be exactly who she is, and where she is in every moment.



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