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Our cookie policy:

Please note: to make full use of and to benefit from certain personalised features, your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to be set up to accept cookies. The website (like many other shopping websites) will not work when cookies are blocked.

  • uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience possible, without them we wouldn’t be able to do things such as remember your preferences or enable you to store products in your basket. The cookies we use don’t store sensitive information such as your name, address or payment details and they can't harm your computer.
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The list below details the cookies used on We have outlined who sets these cookies and their purpose. If the party reads something other than '', these are our third party business partners who help us to enhance your browsing experience.

Strictly uses cookies to enable some of the basic functionality that is required for you to browse and shop on our website, such as remembering which products you have added to your basket. The information collected through these cookies is only used for this purpose and is never shared or sold on to third parties.

The following cookies are used on our site:

XSRF-TOKEN – prevents unauthorised or malicious users taking unwanted actions on your behalf. This cookie expires at the end of the browser session.

_CSRF – prevents unauthorised or malicious users taking unwanted actions on your behalf. This cookie expires at the end of the browser session.

Bmid – User ID if logged in- stores an encrypted ID of logged in user. Used to identify the user in our system. This cookie expires after 12 months.

Bmu – User details if logged in - stores additional user details that are used to personalize user experience (user name, social provider use). Expires at the end of the browser session.

Strictly necessarycsrftokenUsed to keep the site secure when submitting forms.
Strictly necessaryoscar_historyUsed by our e-commerce plugin to track products viewed and keep your cart populated.
Strictly necessarysession_idTo keep logged in users on our site logged in during their session.
Strictly necessaryOTMModalShownRemembers whether you’ve seen the promo popup to not show it to you again if you’ve already clicked off of it.
Strictly necessarycfduidUsed by Cloudfront to provide the website more quickly to you if you’ve visited it before.
Cookie Policy